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Alpaca wool is considered to be truly one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. It’s popular due to is softness, durability and versatility. Maison Baboosha, a brand that aims at transforming your leisure time at home to a fun and stylish one, creates incredibly soft and cozy slippers made out of Suri Alpaca fur.
Baboosha ethically and responsibly sources their Alpaca fur from rural family owned businesses in Andean region in Peru. It is 100% cruelty free and harvested from the hides of Alpacas that have died from natural causes.
So you might ask yourself, what makes these Alpaca fur slippers so special? Why would I want to own one?

First, it is important to introduce you to two main kinds of alpacas: Huacava and Suri alpaca. The main difference between the two is the fibre position. Huacava’s alpaca fibre is perpendicular to its skin which creates a fluffy effect, whereas Suri’s alpaca fibre is positioned straight down from their skin, which then gives wool a silkier feeling. Baboosha slippers are made of Suri wool. Try wrapping a silk scarf around your arms, doesn’t it feel nice? This is how your feet will feel while wearing these slippers. #Dressupyourfeet


The soft and silky feeling is not the only great thing about Baboosha slippers, there’s more to these fluffy wonders than meets the eye.

Timeless and work for every Season: Alpaca fibres work as a narwal insulator. They constrain microscopic air pockets which provide great insulation and keep you warm during cold times. Furthermore, these same air pockets naturally produce high level of breathability, thus keeping you cool when it’s hot. This unusual, yet outstanding function of Alpaca wool makes the product perfect for every climate.

Lightweight and Warm - Compared to sheep wool, Alpaca’s fur is way lighter yet warmer thanks to the insulation provided by the air pockets. So it keeps your feet warm and light, as if you are walking on air!

Strength and Durability - Alpaca wool fibres have great strength and long durability. Throughout history, these animals would survive through long, cold and tough Andean winters. As a result, the fur lasts longer than silk, or cashmere. It also resists stretching and keeps its original shape with time.

Practical and fun to wear! Alpaca fur is not only resistant to wear and tear but also to water and stains . Even better, it is hypoallergenic as the alpaca fibres do no contain lanolin, this means you can have peace of mind, especially if you have a sensitive skin, your feet will be wrapped in heaven.

Finally, Fun and Lustrous: wearing Baboosha Alpaca slippers reminds us that lounging carefree moments at home can be fun and playful. It is yet another reason for a luxurious and warm pyjama party with your loved ones!


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Size chart
XS 6 38 34
S 8 40 36
M 10 42 38
L 12 44 40
XL 14 46 42
S-M-L EU UK Woman UK Man US Woman US Man
XS 36-37 3.5-4 4-4.5 6-6.5 4.5-5
S 38-39 5-6 5.5-6.5 7.5-8.5 6-7
M 40-41 6.5-7 7-7.5 9-9.5 7.5-8
L 42-43 7.5-8 8-8.5 10-10.5 8.5-9
XL 44-45 9.5-10 10-11 12-13 10.5-11.5
Baboosha is designed for a spacious, comfortable and relaxed fit
When choosing your size, keep in mind that over time the sheepskin inner lining will mold to your feet and the leather will stretch. For the most roomy feel choose one size up.
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