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Happy International Earth Day! At Leneuf34 we are always looking for ways to appreciate the planet’s resources and embrace its importance when it comes to fashion. With properly choosing brands with a conscious fashion approach, we believe we are contributing to sustainable efforts by:

1. Empowering you as consumers, first, to help push the industry
  • Staying within your budget, you can shop a sustainable brand. From luxury to mass market, brands are embracing sustainability on a global scale and are offering vider choices to you, if you are interested to know where the clothing items come from, who made it and what it’s made of. Always do your research prior to the purchase or ask questions directly when going to a physical store. Brands have the obligation to be more transparent about their production processes and their conscious fashion choices, since the demand for knowledge is rising.

2. Inspiring you to take better care of your clothes

  • The better you treat your clothing, the longer your clothes will last and look great. We tend to wash clothing more than we need to and it leads to large wastes of water and energy. Laundry breaks down the fabric faster, makes colors fade faster and releases the micro plastics into our oceans and waters. Make conscious choices when it comes to detergents. Many of these products contain sodium, sulphate and optical brighteners, both skin irritants, as well as artificial fragrances, usually derived from petrochemicals – all of which are toxins once flushed into our waterways.

3. Encouraging you to practice the 3Rs: Recycle, Reuse, Rethink

  • If you have decided to retire some pieces that you do not to wear anymore, consider donating them, reselling them to a second-hand shop or paying it forward through an aid organisation. Better than throwing it away and creating extra waste. Almost all textiles can be recycled and reused, down-cycled, or up-cycled into new garments, or simply broken down into new threads of fabric for new clothes. Carefully consider your purchases, and buy quality material products that are durable.

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While you are getting ready for the post confinement looks, we have rounded up some of our favorite pieces

There are a few ways to spot greenwashing in fashion and make sure your purchases are really sustainable, from supply chain to shop floor. 

While it’s been a quiet year for the fashion world, this spring season has unveiled seriously bold and stylish designs.At leneuf34 we are bringing home some of the latest season trends and must-haves, together with our style stories.
Size chart
XS 6 38 34
S 8 40 36
M 10 42 38
L 12 44 40
XL 14 46 42
Sauipe Swimwear:
Size S M L
Cup A/B B/C C/D
Bust 32/34 35/36 36/38
Dress 32/34 36/38 38/40
Waist 24'- 26' 26'- 28' 29'- 30'
Hip 34'- 36' 37'- 39' 40' - 42'
Lille Swimwear:
Size S M L
Relative Size 4 to 6 8 10 to 12
Bust 34 36 38
Chest 32'/ 81 cm 34'/ 86 cm 36'/ 91 cm
Waist 26/ 60 cm 28/ 71 cm  30'/ 76 cm
Hip 34'/ 86 cm - 36'/ 89 cm 36'/ 91 cm - 37'/ 94 cm

38'/ 96 cm -39'/ 99 cm

Despi Swimsuit:
S-M-L EU UK Woman UK Man US Woman US Man
XS 36-37 3.5-4 4-4.5 6-6.5 4.5-5
S 38-39 5-6 5.5-6.5 7.5-8.5 6-7
M 40-41 6.5-7 7-7.5 9-9.5 7.5-8
L 42-43 7.5-8 8-8.5 10-10.5 8.5-9
XL 44-45 9.5-10 10-11 12-13 10.5-11.5
Baboosha is designed for a spacious, comfortable and relaxed fit
When choosing your size, keep in mind that over time the sheepskin inner lining will mold to your feet and the leather will stretch. For the most roomy feel choose one size up.
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