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A wide range of colors, prints and patterns in the latest fashion shows, created a new and bigger interest in minimalism. Classic minimalism is timeless, ever lasting and desired by everyone. It’s good to diversify your wardrobe and own sparkle pieces, but having clean and monochromic looks c’est la base, as they say.

At LeNeuf34 we aim to diversify the designs and pieces we offer you, but we do have a soft spot for minimalistic yet statement pieces. We believe Cafuné bags are just that. They are modern accessories that approach design as a gentle and intimate affair. The brand wishes to reconsider the notion of luxury, in a world where it seems omnipresent, and define it in terms of emotion and attachment between wearers and its products. The centre of Cafuné bags is the full attention to construction and details, as well as craftsmanship.

Cafuné bags geometrical shapes, elegant styles and clean color pattern, allow you to create feminine monochromatic looks. A key to nailing this look is by concentrating on one central piece and playing around it. For example, choose your Cafuné bag as the focus piece. Then mix different textures in your look, while maintaining the same colour but playing around with the shades. Combine your beige Cafuné bag with midi-length beige silk dress, and same colored mules.

If you are not a big fan of monochrome, but still want a minimalistic look, use your Cafuné bag to be the only accessory of the total look. Don’t overwhelm the look with rings, earrings or bracelets. These bags have the shape, the color and the material that fully corresponds to your most minimalistic and neat looks.


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Game of Scarves
Game of Scarves

Versatility adds value to the classic silk scarf, it is worth investing in a timeless and long lasting one. Victoria Ragna at LeNeuf34 specializes in creating luxury scarves made from the finest materials. Created through a very personal process, Victoria, the designer, fuses her Norwegian and Brazilian heritages into unique and timeless prints and designs.
Femininity with a twist of glitter
Femininity with a twist of glitter

Femininity is a timeless trend when it comes to fashion, and this season it’s all about glitter! We are happy to have on board Jessica Jessica K, a designer that fully encompasses the concept of femininity with a sophisticated twist. 
It's all about the socks!
It's all about the socks!

So what is on the hot list this season? Socks!
Size chart
XS 6 38 34
S 8 40 36
M 10 42 38
L 12 44 40
XL 14 46 42
S-M-L EU UK Woman UK Man US Woman US Man
XS 36-37 3.5-4 4-4.5 6-6.5 4.5-5
S 38-39 5-6 5.5-6.5 7.5-8.5 6-7
M 40-41 6.5-7 7-7.5 9-9.5 7.5-8
L 42-43 7.5-8 8-8.5 10-10.5 8.5-9
XL 44-45 9.5-10 10-11 12-13 10.5-11.5
Baboosha is designed for a spacious, comfortable and relaxed fit
When choosing your size, keep in mind that over time the sheepskin inner lining will mold to your feet and the leather will stretch. For the most roomy feel choose one size up.
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